Webinar  /  19. Oktober 2021, 16.00 - 17.30 Uhr

Business applications for using Quantum technology

What are the business cases for using Quantum Technology? Richard Feynman’s revolutionary idea of simulating quantum materials with special computers that crucially rely on the principles of quantum mechanics, has triggered enormous interdisciplinary research and economic interest regarding quantum information theory as well as quantum hard- and software engineering. While this field of research has initially been driven by quantum physicists, the theoretical development and experimental realisation of Peter Shor’s algorithm for factoring large numbers with an exponential speed-up has led to an enormous industrial interest in quantum algorithms. The predicted performance and future potential of quantum algorithms is inimitable:

  • QCs can decode specific conventional encryption schemes with an exponential speed-up.
  • QCs can simulate molecules and pharmaceutical agents with an inconceivable accuracy.
  • QCs can solve combinatorial problems in logistics and finance with an exceptional performance.
  • QCs can be used to overcome the most restrictive bottlenecks in conventional algorithms, together defining so-called hybrid algorithms for near term applications.

However, how realistic are these predictions nowadays? Do we already need to prepare ourselves for the era of post-quantum-cryptography? How powerful are state-of-the-art QCs and how to scale will these machines in the future?

The British Chamber of Commerce is proud to present expert speakers to answer these and many more topical questions:

  • Dr Kevin Füchsel, CEO, Quantum Optics Jena GmbH

‘Entangled photons for quantum based cyber security’

  • Augustin Danciu, Project Manager, Mainincubator

‘Applied research on Quantum Computing for Financial Services at main incubator

  • Ilyas Khan, CEO, Cambridge Quantum Computing

‘A Short Introduction to Cambridge Quantum Computing ‘

  • Ilan Elson, VP Finance & Operations, Universal Quantum

‘How to deliver useful quantum computers’

Moderated by:

  • Dr Christian Tutschku, Project Manager SEQUOIA, Fraunhofer-Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO