Quantum Computing

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How can companies use quantum computers beneficially in the future? Fraunhofer IAO uses software solutions, algorithms and tools to develop, simulate and demonstrate future applications of quantum computers. In the future, they have the potential to outperform even the fastest supercomputers. What was only theory for a long time is now on the verge of a commercial breakthrough. The first German quantum computer in Ehningen gives the innovation location Baden-Württemberg a radiance from which companies can profit in the future.

Research and projects


Competence Center Quantum Computing Baden-Württemberg (KQCBW)

As part of the competence center »Quantum Computing Baden-Württemberg« (KQC BW), the first IBM quantum computer on German ground was set up in Ehningen near Stuttgart. Together with Fraunhofer IAF, Fraunhofer IAO takes over its coordination as well as the contact to local companies.




SEQUOIA End-to-End

The main goal of the collaborative research project SEQUOIA End-to-End is to make today's bottlenecks in the entire quantum software development process transparent and to research and provide performant, automated and controllable end-to-end solutions for industrial use cases through holistic quantum software engineering. The activities build on the results of the completed SEQUOIA project.



The AutoQML project therefore aims to both solve the challenges of current AutoML approaches and to adapt the successful approach of AutoML. Future users should thus have easier access to QML methods.