The Research Unit Digital Business is divided into the following teams:

Applied Artificial Intelligence

The team Applied Artificial Intelligence supports companies both in the optimization of internal company processes through Artificial Intelligence and in the introduction of new technologies and related innovations.

Digital Business

Our Digital Business team develops IT technologies and service platforms based on artificial intelligence and big data for the purposes of digitalization, automation and assistance with making decisions regarding business processes and advises companies on their use.

Digital Business Services

Our Digital Business Services team supports companies in the design and development of innovative cloud services, smart products and services, the selection and use of cloud platforms and ecosystems, and the implementation of web-based technologies and business models. 

IT and Software Management

The Management of IT and Software team aids its customers with projects on IT strategy, management of master data, digitalization of processes, and the design, selection and implementation of corporate software.

Quantum Computing

The Quantum Computing team investigates how companies can use quantum computers beneficially in the future and develops suitable software solutions, algorithms and tools for these use cases.

Smart Energy Services

The Smart Energy Systems team researches and develops IT solutions as well as concepts and methods for the design, optimization and forecast-based operation of connected energy systems involving electromobility.

Cognitive IoT Applications

As a part of the Application Center KEIM, our Cognitive IoT Applications team designs intelligent services and platforms based on data from processes, products, infrastructures and sensors – particularly for networked products and systems.