Unlocking digitalization potential | Using Artificial Intelligence and IT technologies in a beneficial manner | Implementing of process and product innovations successfully


Keywords such as digitalization, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence are representative of the rapid development in the field of information technology. Smart IT solutions and methods form the basis for tapping digitization potential and successfully implementing process and product innovations.

In numerous research projects, the Digital Business research division develops and tests how new software systems and algorithms based on big data, artificial intelligence and quantum computing can increase value creation in companies, for example through automation, decision support, analyses and forecasts.

Digitalization and transformation

Research projects in the field of digitization are aimed at identifying and evaluating the opportunities and potentials of digitization and shaping them in a demand-oriented manner.

Artificial Intelligence and data-based automation

The promising field of artificial intelligence opens up a wide range of research opportunities, since intelligent systems and solutions are used in many areas.

Cloud-based platforms and smart services

In numerous research projects we investigate the potential of cloud technologies with regard to the digitization of business processes. A particular focus here is on bringing these issues closer to SMEs.

Business software and process optimization

Research projects in the field of business software and process optimization provide important insights into what makes companies competitive and sustainable. Economic, technical and organizational questions are examined in order to identify challenges and to overcome them with companies.

Quantum Computing

With application-oriented research for the next generation of high-performance computers, we aim to successfully shape the crucial future technology of quantum computing. We develop, simulate, and demonstrate software solutions, algorithms, and tools, addressing the question of how companies can use quantum computers beneficially in the future.

Integrated IT systems for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of Things offers numerous starting points for research projects. In our research, we focus on applications of intelligent products and services and their benefits.

Intelligent, networked energy systems and e-mobility

In our research, we are looking for innovative approaches to find solutions for optimized energy management in a changing, highly complex energy market.