Using artificial intelligence to assist with clerical processes

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The growth in the use of systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) is also having an impact on clerical processes in the services sector and in trade and industry. A key factor for the successful implementation of AI in this field is the availability of ready-to-use software components and software solutions. The aim of the SmartAIwork project is to identify where AI can assist with office tasks and to explore how such processes can be designed in an employee-friendly way.


The project focuses on current and planned developments of AI-supported automation for clerical processes. It traces the journey from concept development to final implementation in three companies.


The aim of SmartAIwork is to identify the opportunities and risks arising from the use of AI-supported clerical processes in the German workplace. For this purpose, it has also established an expert panel and is developing a digital toolbox containing practical items such as case studies and checklists. Following completion of the project, training measures will be drawn up to help disseminate the project findings in political and business spheres.