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In numerous projects and research projects, the »Digital Business« research unit develops and tests new methods and intelligent IT solutions for the benefit of companies and society.

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The SME 4.0 Competence Center in Stuttgart

The SME 4.0 Competence Center in Stuttgart focuses on cloud services and their role in the value-creation process. Whether SMEs are looking for inspiration or already have a concrete vision for their migration to cloud services – we are there to provide help with both technical and practical issues related to implementation.
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SMECS – smart energy communities

SMECS supports small power companies and cooperatives with sales and marketing activities. A central coordinator will optimize all activities of the small power companies and cooperatives. The aim of the project is to tap new sources of revenue for small power companies, strengthen their regional market presence through collaboration and improve the efficiency of their operations. It is seeking to promote cooperation between similar market players in order to increase their size and market visibility.
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The aim of the KI4ROBOFLEET project is to identify and evaluate potential application scenarios that will arise from the inclusion of autonomous vehicles in vehicle fleets. The project team is also carrying out traffic simulations to enable a dynamic and real-time evaluation of application scenarios. Finally, the project is developing car-sharing ICTs that enable the incorporation of AI in specific applications.
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The aim of SmartAIwork is to identify the opportunities and risks arising from the use of AI-supported clerical processes in the German workplace. For this purpose, it has also established an expert panel and is developing a digital toolbox containing practical items such as case studies and checklists. Following completion of the project, training measures will be drawn up to help disseminate the project findings in political and business spheres.
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Event / 22.10.2019

Innovation methods

How do start-ups and innovative companies work today? The interactive seminar "Innovation Methods" provides an overview of Design Thinking, SCRUM and other agile methods of innovation management.


Event / 23.10.2019

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

The one-day seminar "Data Science" gives an overview of the necessary steps to perform data analysis using Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods in the age of Big Data and the associated challenges.


Unsolicited applications

We're looking for research assistants (f/m/d) in the fields of computer science, engineering sciences and mathematics.

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AI solutions for autonomous vehicle fleets

How can artificial intelligence (AI) be used in vehicle fleets? How can autonomous vehicles be integrated in car sharing information and communications technology (ICT) systems? The Fraunhofer IAO project KI4ROBOFLEET is investigating the possible applications of AI in the area of autonomous driving.
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The human factor in artificial intelligence

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence. It’s a topic that is generating high hopes but also provoking some fears. Fraunhofer IAO therefore intends to try and dispel some of the myths in the course of the “2019 Science Year”, devoted to AI. A series of lectures, publications and projects will explain how companies and specific business sectors can use artificial intelligence, and what impact it will have on the world of work.
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Germans open to the idea of 3D printed organs

Many Germans are open to the idea of 3D printed organs, permanent body scans and cell repairing nanorobots as part of healthcare in the future, says an international survey conducted by BR, ARTE and Fraunhofer IAO as part of the “Homo Digitalis” project. In all, more than 22,000 respondents from Germany and France took part in the online quiz, which tested their acceptance levels for new technologies.
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Launch of the world’s first online platform for digital accessibility

The world’s first online platform for digital accessibility has been launched. As part of the EU’s “Prosperity4All” project, DeveloperSpace is where interested parties, developers, companies, and the scientific community come together. The aim is to develop simple, cost-effective and efficient solutions for assistive technologies.
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Research Unit Digital Business

The Research Unit Digital Business is located at the Fraunhofer IAO in Stuttgart-Vaihingen.


Application Center KEIM in Esslingen

The KEIM Application Center, located at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, is a branch of the Digital Business research department.