AI for processing customer inquiries in medical technology

Learning together in a network and addressing your own questions

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Fast and correct processing of customer inquiries is an important component of efficient sales and customer support. With the AI Innovation Seed "AI-supported processing of customer inquiries in medical technology", companies from the medical technology sector exchange information with Fraunhofer IAO experts on opportunities and challenges, test current technologies and solutions, and evaluate the possibilities for their own companies.


Numerous formats are used within the network that allow participating companies to improve together, address individual issues, and receive specific recommendations from Fraunhofer experts.

  • Joint on-site and online events are the main exchange channels
  • Discussions and workshops with stakeholders in the participating companies
  • Opportunity to investigate a specific improvement idea with Fraunhofer technology in a short period of time within the framework of a short pilot project.


AI solutions for the analysis of customer inquiries bring time and cost savings. Companies from the medical technology sector have the opportunity to explore and test the opportunities offered by AI solutions for automating the processing of customer inquiries together with Fraunhofer IAO. They will receive recommendations for action to optimize their customer communication with the help of AI.


Goals of the network project:

  • Identifying potential for AI use in automating the processing of customer inquiries: e.g., analysis of customer inquiries, response generation, detection of deviations in processes, predictions.
  • Selection and development of technologies and solutions: Presentation, demonstration and testing of Fraunhofer technologies.
  • Methodology for implementing AI solutions in processes: steps, stakeholders, success criteria, KPIs.
  • Role of humans in AI-supported processes: Partial vs. full automation, use of (black-box) machine learning and explainable rule-based systems, explainable AI
  • Use of cross-company data pools and AI solutions: joint acquisition and preparation of training data, network as an opportunity for SMEs