Tailor-made and secure IT solutions for versatile applications

Digital transformation and new IT technologies are creating a lot of opportunities for companies: innovative product offerings for new target groups, better and more cost-effective processes, more intelligent costumer communication and greater automation.  Innovative, networked IT solutions based on artificial intelligence, cloud and Internet platforms are used for this purpose. We support you in exploiting the opportunities of digitization and forward-looking technologies, such as quantum computing, through suitable strategies and new IT solutions. Significant application industries of the research area are insurance companies, manufacturing companies, mobility services and the energy industry.

Our services are based on in-depth technology and market knowledge as well as cross-industry experience. By using our field-tested methods and experienced staff, we ensure project success. Our Fraunhofer network gives us access to a comprehensive range of expertise.

Focus Topics of the Research Unit »Digital Business«

Digitalization and transformation

We provide innovative strategies and IT solutions so you can take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization. We support you in identifying the most important digitization trends and help you to find the best digitization strategy.

Artificial Intelligence and data-based automation

Use the methods and technologies we have developed to simplify, optimize and make your processes more efficient with our automation solutions.

Cloud-based platforms and smart services

Our employees develop new web-based business models, innovative cloud services and data-oriented architectures to support customers and providers in the design, development and operation of customized and flexible cloud services.

Business software and process optimization

In order to optimize your processes, our employees support you in the conception, selection and introduction of enterprise software. We accompany you manufacturer and product independent from the first requirement analysis up to the commissioning.


Quantum Computing

Join us in harnessing the potential of the crucial future technology of quantum computing. We show in which areas quantum computers bring meaningful benefits in the corporate context and develop new algorithms, tools and methods for business and research.

Integrated IT systems for the Internet of Things (IoT)

We develop IoT solutions, real-time data platforms, analysis systems, control solutions, autonomous systems and applications in the context of Smart City.

Intelligent, networked energy systems and e-mobility

In order to exploit the full potential of the energy sector, our team develops innovative instruments for companies and end consumers to optimally meet the challenges of the energy transition and open up new markets.